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Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals who can advise on a wide range of health and care issues. As well as providing advice, your local pharmacy can give you medicines for common illnesses, tips and guidance on self-care and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

You do not need to make an appointment to see your pharmacist and many are open in the evening and at weekends so it can be easier than going to your GP practice. You can also talk to your pharmacist in confidence (most pharmacies now have a private consultation area). 

Some local pharmacies are also open over the Easter bank holiday weekend (19 - 22 April 2019).

You can find a list of pharmacy opening times for Bradford and district here.

A list of pharmacy opening times across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, including Bradford district and Craven, is available here.  

Bfd Easter pharmacy opening times 2019 p1

Bfd easter pharmacy opening times 2019 p2

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Pharmacies will:  

  • offer advice and help so you can best care for yourself and treat minor conditions at home
  • dispose of medicines that are unwanted or out of date
  • help promote healthy lifestyles, including one-to-one advice on topics such as stopping smoking and weight management
  • direct you to local services who may be able to offer further support with a condition, such as support groups.

Treating children in the pharmacy

Children can be treated for certain conditions depending on their age and what medicines are available. Some medicines can only be given to younger children on prescription.  Sometimes the pharmacist will need to see your child in person to make sure the right advice or treatment is given.

If your symptoms do not go away

If your symptoms don’t go away, seek further advice from your pharmacist or GP and remember to take any medication you may have been taking along with you.   

Find local services

A - Z of health conditions

NHS Data