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Local GPs offer top tips to stay well this winter

As the mercury falls and the weather turns, pressure increases on busy local NHS services.

Local GPs are sharing top tips to stay well this winter and ensure you access the best service for you over the festive period.

Dr Dave Tatham, GP and clinical lead for urgent and emergency care across Bradford district and Craven is urging people to follow a set of simple tips to enjoy a healthy Christmas and New Year.

You can watch Dr Tatham sharing his top tips for staying well this winter on YouTube here.

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Dr Tatham said: “When the winter weather sets in and the temperature drops people often find they begin to feel unwell. But there are lots of things we can all do to ensure we avoid illness over the colder months.

“Many common health issues like coughs, colds, runny noses and diarrhoea can be treated at home with medicines available from your local pharmacy without prescription. Keeping a well-stocked medicines cabinet can mean you’re prepared if you do feel unwell.

“Pharmacists are experts in medication and can provide help and advice on many common ailments and you can also check your symptoms by visiting”

An increase in admissions for people with long-term respiratory conditions is common across hospitals in Bradford district and Craven over the winter months and the NHS is also urging those with conditions that affect their breathing to seek help early if their usual symptoms worsen.

Dr Tatham added: “If you have a long-term health condition like asthma or COPD it’s important that you recognise what your normal symptoms are and that you seek help if you notice a change. Getting the right help from your local GP early can often help to avoid a hospital stay.”

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