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GP practice teams to point patients in the right direction

GP practices across Bradford District and Craven will be taking additional steps to help patients reach the right care from the right person first time next month with the launch of a new initiative called Care Navigation.

Care Navigation will launch in GP practices on Monday 3 December 2018. When patients call their local practice to book an appointment, they may be asked a few brief questions by the reception team that will help them direct them to the most appropriate person to meet their needs.

This could be a service offered at their practice such as a GP, nurse or pharmacist; or it could be something offered elsewhere such as local wellbeing or community services.

Care Navigation will only available for adults and will be completely voluntary. Patients are free to choose not to share any information if they prefer and will never be refused a GP appointment. Any information shared with a reception team will be strictly confidential.

CNav Launch Photo - Low Res

The scheme is being rolled out nationally as part of NHS England’s GP Five-year Forward View and over 45 sites across England and Wales are currently offering Care Navigation in their GP practices.

NHS Bradford District and Craven CCGs have worked closely with services across the area to understand where processes could be improved to ensure patients can see the most appropriate person as quickly as possible.

Dr Nick Hayward, GP and clinical lead at NHS Bradford District and Craven CCGs said: “Care Navigation will mean we can help people to access the right care from the right person, first time.

“As the NHS evolves daily, so do the best ways for patients to access healthcare and there are now several common services where a GP referral is no longer needed. Providing a way for people to be able to refer themselves where it is safe and appropriate to do so will ensure they can be seen more quickly by the person best placed to help.”

Many GP practices across Bradford District and Craven already routinely ask for further information when a patient calls to book an appointment. Care Navigation will allow this process to be standardised across the districts to ensure all patients receive the same high quality care and access to the best services for their needs in their local area.

Reception teams have completed specialist accredited training courses including face-to-face sessions with all participating services and have played an integral role in the development of the scheme. Care Navigation is supported by GPs across the district and reception teams will never provide clinical advice.

Dr Hayward added: “Care Navigation is about choice, not triage. You do not have to share details of why you are calling for an appointment with your local GP practice reception team, but it will help us to help you if you do. The reception team will not provide clinical advice and you will never be refused a GP appointment.

“We hope patients across Bradford District and Craven will support Care Navigation and will give it a go when they next call to book an appointment so that we can help everyone to get the right care from the right person, first time.”

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