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Our ambition is that the Talk Cancer programme will enable people across Bradford to have better conversations about cancer. 

The workshops are funded by Bradford City CCG and are running until March 2019. Workshops enable health professionals, community workers, volunteers and other staff such as practice receptionists to learn together and share ideas about how to improve outcomes for our population.

Twenty workshops will have taken place by the end of the programme and over 200 people have taken part already. Feedback from participants is positive, with 95% of trainees saying they would recommend the workshops to others.


Cancer Research UK is working with the Bradford district and Craven CCGs to raise cancer awareness and to help health workers feel confident talking to people about ways to reduce the risk of cancer, spotting cancer early and screening.

There is a low rate of uptake for cancer screening programmes in the city of Bradford with late diagnosis of cancers also an issue. 

The aim is encourage more people to take up screening, spot symptoms earlier, and take action to reduce their cancer risk.

The three-hour sessions are hands-on, interactive and positive and are led by Cancer Research UK expert trainers who have nursing backgrounds.

The training shows how to talk to people about:

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