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The Involve tracker is developed through the communications, engagement and equalities teams of Bradford district and Craven Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). 

It is a key document for the Involve group. This group brings together the communications, engagement and equalities teams within the CCG, lay members for patient and public involvement, patient participation groups (PPGs) and networks, the People’s Board and other stakeholders.

It shows what activity has happened, next steps and the expected impact or outcomes. The red/amber/green rating helps us identify where things are going well and areas that may need more focus or action.

The Involve tracker is reviewed at each governing body meeting and provides assurance that our communications, engagement and equalities work meets our objectives, achieves the requirements of the NHS constitution, and creates meaningful dialogue with local people. The tracker is presented to the governing body for information at every meeting which are usually held bi-monthly.

You can view copies of our Involve tracker below:




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