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We make getting involved as easy and accessible as possible, working with partner organisations, the voluntary and community sector, local Healthwatch organisations and individual patients and carers to engage with people in a way that works for them. 

To help us reach people from different backgrounds and communities, we have a number of routes for people to get involved including online feedback, attending events or networks, and our People’s Board which ensures local communities can influence at a strategic level.

The Patient and Community Engagement Annual Statement sets out how the three clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) across Bradford district and Craven have involved patients, carers and the wider public during 2017-18. 

The CCGs work jointly together through shared management structures, while retaining independent governance and decision-making to reflect our distinct populations.

Our engagement team work across the whole of Bradford district and Craven with local stakeholders to ensure that our approach is adapted to suit each community, so that we’re hearing from people across our varied geography and from a range of backgrounds.

All three CCGs have a strong and shared commitment to learning from patient experience and feedback, engaging our communities, and involving people in the decisions me make. For further information about how to get involved, or any of the projects in this report, please contact the CCGs’ engagement team on 01274 237546 or email

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