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Healthwatch is a national organisation that has branches in different regions of the country. Our local Healthwatch is for Bradford and District. They are all about helping patients and the public influence the design and delivery of our local health and social care services.

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The feedback you give to Healthwatch help improve health and social care services for the future and determines the work that they focus on each year. They can also respond to the issues that matter to you. Healthwatch then report the key issues and focus back into health and social care organisations in our area so we can make sure that the work we do is focused around the things that matter to our population. 

There are different ways that you can get involved with Healthwatch and give them your views on the health and social care issues that matter the most to you. Visit the Healthwatch Bradford and District website for more information.

Healthwatch also represent the views of young people in our area to make sure that their voices are heard and understood by people who design and run services. You can read more about the work that Healthwatch do with young people here.