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Annual reports

Every year we publish an annual report which details our priorities, activities and how we are performing.

Business plans

You can view our business plans on the our strategies page of our website.

Targets, aims and objectives

Our current targets, aims and objectives can be found on the our strategies page of our website. 

Strategic direction

Our strategic direction is outlined in our Five Year Forward View.

Performance against targets (KPIs), performance framework and performance management information

Information about our priorities and how we are doing is available here. If the information you require is not available here please see how you can make a Freedom of Information request to obtain the information.

Information about the CCG’s mission, values and aims can be found in our constitution.

Reports by regulatory organisations

The West Yorkshire Area Team of NHS England annually assesses our CCG and establishes development priorities for the coming year. This annual assurance letter is a summary of the meeting and draws upon the written materials provided by the CCG and from the regular interactions which have taken place with the CCG during the whole financial year.

Audit reports delivered at governing body level

Audit reports (including clinical and corporate governance) are regularly considered by our governing body and are available within the papers they consider. You can find our governing body papers here

Service user surveys

One of our key priorities is to have patients and the public at the heart of our decision making. Each and every member of our team has a vital role to play in this. 

We are a vibrant and responsive organisation with strong clinical leadership and have set ourselves clear objectives and priorities. We work closely with our staff, local people and partners to achieve our visions of reducing health inequalities and enabling the people of Bradford to enjoy better health.

We want to hear what you think about your local NHS. It’s important that you give your views and feedback as it helps to shape your NHS services for the future.

We are keen to hear your views and ideas about any aspect of our CCG and how you would like to be involved going forward.

More information about the surveys and our engagement work is available here.

Privacy impact assessments

Our privacy impact assessment and information governance checklist is available here.

Environmental policy proposals, plans and programmes

Developing sustainable working practices within our organisation, commissioning cycle and member practices is a priority for our CCG.

Many of our patients will live longer and expect their lives to be healthier and happier than those of their predecessors. But there needs to be a step change if we are to make inroads into the health inequalities suffered by them and to address the future health needs of all our population. We are working, through the integration and change board (ICB), ever more closely with our partners to transform the health and social care landscape, join services up around our patients, realise efficiencies and drive forward the self-care and prevention agendas.

We are committed to reducing waste – for example, resources are wasted when patients feel they need to visit A&E when they could have been dealt with in primary care or community settings. To avoid this waste we are concentrating on things like patient information, access to GP services, integration of services, and commissioning primary care skills and expertise in A&E to reduce, and better manage, demand.

Our approach is to: