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Planned Care

As part of the planned care programme we are working in partnership with NHS Bradford City CCG and CCGs across West Yorkshire & Harrogate and our local providers to develop a more sustainable planned care delivery model by addressing unwarranted variation and inefficiencies across care pathways.

This work has identified a number of opportunities including:

Star ratings

18 weeks waits for planned treatment

1 star

One star - worse than the English average

8 out of 10 people are seen and treated within 18 weeks, this result falls well below the 92% of standard.

(note: the results may also be affected by data quality issues related to the introduction of a new electronic patient record in September 2017).

The NHS Constitution sets out standards that patients should wait no longer than 18 weeks from GP referral to treatment (RTT). However, delivery of the target has been challenging as a result of increased demand and capacity issues across the local system.

The CCG are working with our provider organisations to ensure that patients are seen in the most appropriate setting, be that in hospital or a community setting, to help alleviate pressure points and tackle current capacity issues. Updated clinical pathways will ensure that referrals are only made when necessary and appropriate and the new Assist tool will enable GPs to fins up to date pathways and criteria more easily.

The number of consultant led follow up outpatient attendances

During 2017/18 we had reduced follow-up outpatient attendances by 10%.

Our aim is to reduce unnecessary follow up appointments in outpatients and this has been helped by increasingly offering other forms of consultation rather than the traditional face-to-face appointment, for example local providers are able to offer web based e-consultations or a follow-up telephone call

Uptake of new e-referrals system

1 star

One star - worse than the English average.

Currently only 2 out of 5 referrals are made electronically via the e-referrals services. Although, this result is similar to results across England it does need to improve as from 1st October 2018 the e-referrals service will be the main way all patients are referred.

There is a national requirement that this is the way all patients are referred by 1 October 2018, but in Bradford we are aiming to have all referrals to consultant-led services made via ERS by 1 July 2018. We have developed the new Assist pathway and referral tool within SystmOne to help making electronic referrals as simple as possible for GPs.

Utilisation of Advice and Guidance processes

By March 2018 advice and guidance services between GPs and Consultants at the time of referral was in place for 68% of all specialties.  Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust respond to 2 out of 5 requests within 2 working days.