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Bradford's Healthy Hearts

In Bradford we have seen our local cardiovascular disease programme; Bradford’s Healthy Hearts (BHH) achieve huge successes since its inception in 2015.

Through the programme we have reduced non-elective cardiovascular admissions by 10%; prevented 74 strokes and 137 heart attacks; and cost savings associated with this represent approximately £1.2 million.

Our next steps are to support a pathway review of patients with existing heart failure. The aim of this work will be to reduce non-elective admissions and improve care for heart failure patients through an intensive review of medication and ensuring patients are on the correct dose.

The work originally started in Bradford Districts CCG but we are rolling the successes out across the rest of Bradford and this work is also being taken forward across many other parts of the country too. 

We are also working in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation to identify people who have undiagnosed high blood pressure or hypertension, through community blood pressure testing. We have tested almost 700 people and approximately 35% of those tested may have high blood pressure and are being asked to contact their practice for further investigation.

West Yorkshire and Harrogate health and care partnership are adopting the Bradford's Healthy Hearts approach and it is great to see this being taken forward for the benefit of 2.5 million people.

Through the programme we have reduced non-elective cardiovascular admissions by 10%.

We have prevented 74 strokes and 137 heart attacks.