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Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) give local doctors and local people of Bradford and district more say in organising their own healthcare.

CCGs were developed in 2013, the members of Bradford Districts CCG are 39 GP practices that serve the local population. Our role is to plan and buy services to meet the needs and improve health and wellbeing of our local population. We plan and buy services such as:

We work closely with other CCGs in West Yorkshire and Harrogate, as well as Bradford CouncilNHS England and the public.

We bring together healthcare professionals, local communities and managers so patients have more control of their own care; to provide greater focus on healthcare and quality; to increase the involvement doctors and nurses have in the care of services delivered; and to improve the health and experiences of local people.

Our vision is - better health for the people of Bradford.

To achieve this vision our key priorities are:

We are also focusing on:

Our strategic plan will tell you more about who we are, as well as our vision, mission and values.  It also sets out how we plan to deliver our strategy.

You can read more about how we are governed and the profiles of our governers by clicking on the links opposite, or by reading our constitution. 

You can read more about how CCGs fit into the wider NHS on the NHS England website or watch the video below - an alternative guide to the new NHS in England.