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22/05/19 / News

Becoming dementia friendly in Bradford district and Craven

14/05/19 / News

Pioneering Recovery College to open in Bradford

13/05/19 / News

Free blood pressure checks for staff can help save lives

10/05/19 / News

Smoking will kill one in two in Bradford and Craven – now is the time to quit

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Awareness event

Awareness event

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Proposal to set up a new CCG for Bradford district and Craven

We're proposing to set-up a new clinical commissioning group (CCG) for Bradford district and Craven to replace the existing three CCGs (Airedale, Wharfedale ...

An Asthma Explainer with Dr Katherine Hickman

5.4 million people are living with asthma in the UK. Dr Katherine Hickman, a Bradford GP and clinical lead for respiratory health at NHS Bradford District and ...

Advice for diabetic people observing Ramadan 2019

Dr Junaid Azam offers some helpful advice for diabetic people who are fasting during Ramadan 2019. As long as people who are diabetic take care of ...