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There are 40 GP practices within the Bradford Districts area. A map of all the practices in the area, can be found below. You can also use the NHS Choices services finder to locate your nearest GP practice.

The easiest way to register with a new GP practice is to find the service closest to your home by using the NHS Choices services finder to find your nearest service. You will then need to contact the practice to find out if they are accepting registrations for new patients.

If you are unable to register with a practice you can contact the West Yorkshire area team on 0113 82 52700 or by email and they will allocate you to the GP practice of your choice.

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Extended access service 

Extended access is a new service being rolled out across Bradford over the next 18 months. Patients registered with GP practices in Bradford will be able to access primary care services (GP practices) outside of normal surgery hours. The service will operate from a small number of locations (hubs) across the area.

Patients may need to travel a bit further to use extended access services. We are working with patients and the public to understand where the best locations for this service will be.

At the moment, one service operates out of Westbourne Green Health Centre. This is open outside normal surgery hours from 6.30pm – 9.30pm Monday to Friday. You can access this service if you are a patient registered at one of the practices listed below. To use the service contact your GP practice as normal and ask for an appointment.

  • Ashwell Medical Centre
  • Heaton Medical Practice
  • Leylands Medical Centre
  • Manor Medical Practice (formally Carlton and Phoenix)
  • Shipley Medical Practice
  • Woodroyd Medical Practice

Currently the extended access service offers appointments with GPs (this may not be your usual GP), physiotherapists, welfare and benefits advice, weight management, healthy eating and community activity sessions. 

We will be developing this service over the next 18 months. From December 2017 we will be offering some weekend appointments from the Westbourne Green Hub. We also have plans in place to open a second hub in April 2018 and at least one further hub in October 2018. By October 2018 all patients across Bradford will have access to extended access services.

What happens when you are referred by your GP to see a specialist? 

The General Practice Forward View made a commitment to improving the current interface between hospitals and general practice to provide more seamless care for patients and to reduce the number of occasions where patients are sent back to their GP unnecessarily following a hospital appointment. The aim is to improve patients’ experience of care. 

Members of the national working group and, specifically, NHS England, British Medical Association (BMA) and the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP), have come together to produce a leaflet so you know what you can expect to happen if you are referred by your GP to see a specialist or consultant at a hospital or a community health centre.  You can take a look at the leaflet here.

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