How the People's Board make a difference

Every month the People's Board are presented with a different subject area to consider before the meeting. During the meeting the project lead for that area will present questions to the board to get their input. Their input has been included within many different areas of work. 

Mental wellbeing strategy

In October 2016, the People's Board were asked to review the mental wellbeing strategy and feedback on anything they thought was missing. Just some of the main issues raised that were fed back into the strategy include: 

  • the need for families and carers to be highlighted as part of the priorities and vision,
  • the need for services to be joined up as a key part of implementing the strategy,
  • the need for early intervention, not just within health and care services, but to include schools, community groups, workplaces etc. 

This valuable feedback has been incorporated into the strategy which you can read here.

You can also watch the chair, Emma, and vice-chair, Mohammed, talking about how they contributed to the strategy as part of the mental wellbeing strategy launch on Periscope. Click here to view the video

Consultation on providing gluten-free items on prescription

The People's Board were part of the process when we consulted with the public on our proposals for providing gluten-free items on prescription. Our lead for the consultation spoke to the board to explain the reasons for why we were consulting on this area and the potential outcomes. The People's Board suggested an option which was not previously included in the proposals and was subsequently included. This was the option to support voluntary and community services (VCS) organisations to supply gluten-free products at lower cost through their community outlets.

Primary medical care strategy

In August 2016, the People's Board were asked to look at the Primary Medical Care Strategy and to think about whether there was anything missing and whether to them it is a strategy that would work well for the people of Bradford.

The main feedback from the People's Board included:

  • the strategy being too light on the area of mental health,
  • it's good that there is a specific focus on the recruitment and retention of GPs, but it is important to do something now as it will take a while for these staff to come through the system.
  • there needs to be a greater focus on prevention,
  • It's good that there is more of a focus on services working in collaboration with one another, however there were concerns around how this could work in practice.

These points have now been addressed in the strategy which will be made available to read on our website soon.  

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