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We work with a number of voluntary and community sector organisations across Bradford and Airedale. You can get involved in the wide and diverse range of work that they do.  

The voluntary and community sector organisations we work with include mental health services, bereavement support, support for families and many more:

We have strong partnerships with Healthwatch, the voluntary and community sector, infrastructure organisations, the local authority and Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust as well as our partner CCGs.

We have also developed specialised partnerships and networks such as the Maternity Partnership, Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Academy and Health Education England. We work closely with our patient networks and have links with the NHS England patient and public voice team, National Association of Patient Participation and NHS England’s patient experience network.

Last year saw the end of the building health partnerships work on care navigation, cost effectiveness of using the voluntary sector and supporting patient networks. As a result we have developed our approach to care navigation and social prescribing and have established a really successful partnership with Bradford Voluntary Community Services to deliver ongoing training to strengthen and support local patient groups.