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The patient and community network allows you to get involved with, and influence, decisions about local health services. The network also provides an opportunity for patient groups to share good practice and support each other’s development.

The patient and communtiy network members are involved in a wide range of activity including; setting up groups to focus on specific topics of interest, creating newsletters, attending local events and organising activity within practices. 

The network meet on a regular basis with the aim of listening to the community and sharing key health information. It's also a good chance to learn about what is happening in other practices and groups. 

Just some of the topics that the patient and community network have discussed recently include:

All the upcoming community and patient network meetings can be found in our events calendar. You don't need to be an existing member of the network to attend. Just turn up and see what the group is all about. 

If you have any questions about the community and patient network you can email the CCG's engagement team on