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Engaging People is a voluntary and community sector (VCS) partnership project, commissioned by Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, Bradford City and Bradford Districts CCGs in 2017 to carry out public and patient engagement on our behalf.

The partnership includes local organisations CNet, HALE, BTM and Healthwatch Bradford and District

Engaging People carry out engagement work that links to CCG priorities and work streams, helping us reach out to hear the voices and views of particular groups or communities.

Some of their work is also about supporting other routes for engagement and feedback. This includes providing support to the patient participation group (PPG) network, facilitating the Women's Health Network and submitting information to our Grass Roots reporting system.

Stop smoking services for pregnant women

Bradford City, Bradford Districts and Airedale Wharfedale CCGs asked the CNET Engaging People team to carry out a piece of work to better understand how cessation services can support women and what would encourage them to stop smoking.
The objectives for this project were to:
• Identify the key reasons pregnant women who smoke are not accessing existing services
• Identify the key barriers to stopping smoking for pregnant women
• Identify new ways to educate target groups around smoking in pregnancy and the impact of passive smoking

Find out more about the report here.

Out of Hospital community based health services

This report focuses on the awareness, understanding and experiences of Out of Hospital (OOH) community based health services across the Bradford District and Craven.