Summer health

We love a bit of sun, but it is important to be aware of how the summer can affect your health. Don't let your summer be ruined by sunstroke, hayfever or cuts and bruises. 

There is lots of information about summer health and how to stay well on the NHS Choices website, including:

  • how to stay well in the sun,
  • preventing hayfever,
  • summer safety for young children,
  • protecting your eyes and skin in the sun, and,
  • bites and stings. 

You can also get lots of advice about summer health and how to stay well from your local pharmacy. There is also lots of information available on the Cancer Research UK website about staying smart in the sun

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Travelling abroad 

If you are going abroad, you may be entitled to medical care at reduced cost or sometimes free. What you are entitled to depends on where in the world you are traveling. You can find out more about covering medical care abroad on the NHS Choices website.

The NHS Choices website also has useful information about travel vaccinations which you may need depending on which country you are visiting. 

Staying cool in a heatwave

It's good to see a bit of sun, but if it's too hot for a long time, it can impact our health. The Met Office officially send out heat health alerts from June to the end of September, if temperatures are expected to exceed safe levels. Information about health and heatwaves can be found in the national heatwave plan which looks at protecting from harm caused by severe heat and heatwaves.  

You can find lots of information about how to stay well during a heatwave on the NHS Choices website, or using the 'Beat the Heat' poster from Public Health England. 

The latest heat health alerts can be found on the Met Office website

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