Our primary care commissioning committee

On 1 April 2015 we accepted full delegated responsibility from NHS England to commission GP primary care services. We are passionate about improving quality across all practices and the introduction of this delegation is seen as an essential step towards expanding and strengthening primary medical care.

To support our role, we have established a primary care commissioning committee whose role is to make decisions on the review, planning and procurement of primary care services in Bradford Districts, under delegated authority from NHS England.

The primary care commissioning committee meets bi-monthly and is held in public. Everyone is welcome to attend and observe the meeting.

Each time the committee meets we publish the agenda and papers for the meetings. You can read them here.

Members of the committee are:

  • Dr Andy Withers, clinical chair (NV)
  • Dr Carsten Grimm (NV)
  • Helen Hirst, chief officer
  • Michelle Turner, director of quality
  • Ali Jan Haider, director of strategy
  • Angie Clegg, nurse member
  • Bryan Millar, lay member (finance)
  • Richard Wilkinson, lay member (governance)
  • Dr Perviz Iqbal, secondary care consultant
  • Javed Khan, Healthwatch Bradford and District (NV)
  • Dr Steve Patterson, YORLMC Ltd (NV)
  • Karen Stothers, head of primary care
  • Neil Coulter, primary care contracts manager, NHS England
  • Dr Anita Parkin, director of public health - representing Bradford Health & Wellbeing Board (NV)

*(NV) – non-voting member