Contracting for services

Our CCG is responsible for commissioning healthcare services from acute, community and independent sector providers to meet the health needs of local people. The commissioning process involves contracting with existing or new service providers.

As a commissioner, we have a responsibility to ensure the commissioning of services is undertaken in a fair and transparent manner whilst offering patient choice to the local population.

As part of the commissioning process, we monitor contracts of organisations providing existing or new services.

We regularly review local health services so that we can identify ways to improve their quality and efficiency. This ensures that we can work with providers to improve the quality of services, choice, access, and experiences for patients.

We aim to offer the people of Bradford a wide range of high quality, accessible, and easy to use services to help them stay healthy and improve their wellbeing.

Any current opportunities to contract with our CCG are available by searching on Contracts Finder. 

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