Classes of information

There are seven classes of information within a publication scheme for the health sector. These describe our organisation, role, priorities, governance, and how we account for expenditure.

Information not available through our publication scheme may be available on request.  Please see making a Freedom of Information or Environmental Information Regulations request for more information. 

  • who we are and what we do - this class contains information about our CCG such as structure, locations and governance. It includes information on the legal status of our CCG and how to contact us.
  • what we spend and how we spend it - this class contains financial information on projected and actual income, budgets and expenditure, procurement, tendering and contracts. It also includes information on financial audits of our CCG, accounts for the current and last three years and details of allowances and expenses which board members and staff can claim.
  • what are our priorities and how are we doing - this class details our strategy, plans and our main priorities as well as how we are performing against our plans and objectives. It also includes details of our audits, inspections and reviews.
  • how we make decisions - this class contains information on our consultation and decision–making process, decisions made and proposals. this class only includes formal high-level meetings where key decisions about our services are made and will not include any information of a confidential or personal nature.
  • our policies and procedures - this class contains our current written policies, procedures and protocols which guide the delivery of our services.  It includes information such as codes of practice, memoranda of understanding, and standards of service and complaints procedure.  Also included are our policies on equality and diversity, health and safety, information governance, record retention and data protection.
  • lists and registers - this class includes a range of lists which we are obliged to maintain by law as well as those lists we maintain in conducting our operations.
  • the services we offer - this class contains advice and news about the services we provide, such as booklets, leaflets and news releases.