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NHS England has a statutory duty to conduct an annual assessment of every CCG in England

In August 2016 we launched MyCCG with the aim of providing clear and transparent information about what we are doing and how well we are doing. Nationally, NHS England launched My NHS which publishes and shares the CCG scorecard through each year of the NHS Five Year Forward View.

In 2017, NHS England also introduced the CCG improvement and assessment framework which replaced the previous CCG Assurance Framework.

The CCG improvement and assessment framework aligns with Department of Health’s NHS Mandate and with the NHS Five Year Forward View.  

The CCG scorecard for 2017/18 has 51 indicators set out across four areas: Better Health, Better Care, Sustainability and Leadership

The indicators are selected from the NHS Constitution which includes important measures of performance and from outcomes frameworks developed to assess longer term improvements in the health of our population.

The way we organise our work is grouped into distinct programme areas:

There is a particular focus on six national clinical priority areas:

In addition, we have a local focus on:

CCG scorecard at-a-glance

Each qurater we produce an overview containing many of the indicators of the CCG scorecard, this enables people to see on one page how the CCG is progressing across important areas at a glance.

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MyCCG scorecard 2017-2018

Q1 (not published) | Q2 | Q3 | Year end

MyCCG scorecard 2016-2017

CCG assessment ratings

For more information, visit the MyNHS website.

Previous ratings under the CCG assurance framework

Our previous NHS England CCG assurance documents which were part of the NHS England CCG assurance framework can be found below.

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CCG Assurance Letters